Support, compassion and knowledge present at your birth

Hi there! I'm Merrewyn, a pregnancy, birth and postnatal doula in Cornwall.

I'm passionate about helping people empower themselves at any stage in life and the greatest way I believe they can do this is through having a powerful combination of knowledge and support. Working with people is something I love, and from my years of teaching I have experience of building mutually respectful relationships with people from a vast range of backgrounds, cultures and religions. Listening without judgement and being able to hold space for someone as they process emotions, make serious decisions or face challenging situations is extremely important to me.

Following the births of my two children, I felt more and more pulled towards birth work. My own experiences taught me how much difference having consistent, caring and compassionate support (or not!) can make, so I decided to retrain as a doula in order to be able to offer that to other birthing people and their families.

I've always been fascinated by rites of passage and the cycles of life... supporting people as they go through one of the most significant transitions feels like a natural part of my journey and is an absolute honour. My passion for rituals and ceremony led to me also retraining as a celebrant and, together with my wonderful mother, Charlotte, we have created Saffron Ceremonies, offering weddings, naming/welcoming ceremonies and funerals across Cornwall.

In my own time, I love being outside in nature, spending time with family and friends, dancing in the kitchen (with very little style but much enthusiasm!) as well as reading tarot and eating plenty of cake! Volunteering and 'giving something back' has always been close to my heart. Although I have volunteered in a range of different sectors (education and domestic abuse, mainly), my most recent training and role has been as a breastfeeding peer supporter.

I will work with you to explore your options and make your birth journey as sacred, empowering and positive as possible.

Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period is such a life-changing time and while it can be utterly magical, it can sometimes be a bit of an emotional (and physical!) rollercoaster. Having someone who is calm, empathetic and will listen without judgement to your hopes, intentions and concerns can be a huge benefit and comfort. Although no one can predict or make any guarantees over the kind of birth you will have, you can rest assured that whatever your birth intentions are, I will work with you to explore your options and make your birth journey as sacred, empowering and positive as possible.

“All that is needed for the majority of labours to go well is a healthy, pregnant woman who has loving support in labour, self- confidence, and attendants with infinite patience.”

— Sheila Kitzinger

If you feel like I could be the right companion to walk alongside you on your journey, I would love to hear from you.


I feel so fortunate to have had Merrewyn's support through the postnatal period.

After a really difficult start with breastfeeding - both physically and emotionally - Merrewyn's knowledge, encouragement and care gave me the confidence to persevere and continue to breastfeed.

Merrewyn is compassionate and practical. She provided us with evidence-based advice during the fourth trimester which allowed us to take a step back from the overwhelming amount of information that can be found online, at a time when, as first- time parents, we felt most vulnerable.

We will be forever grateful for Merrewyn's care. From her help with feeding positions, to just holding our baby to give us a moment's rest, she respected our needs and wishes which has allowed us, despite the challenges we faced, to look back on those early days fondly.

Becca C

Baby boy born October 2022