Support, compassion and knowledge present at your birth

Supporting you wherever you are on your journey

Below are some of the services I offer, but I truly feel that as every individual and family is unique, so too are their needs and wants. If you are after something slightly different, please do get in touch to explore creating a bespoke package.

Pregnancy Support Sessions

These are perfect for parents who might not require a doula in attendance at the birth itself but would value some extra help during their pregnancy.
These sessions might include (but are not limited to):

  • the-present-doula-tree-yellow

    Discussing your feelings, hopes and concerns about the impending birth and beyond

  • the-present-doula-tree-yellow

    Help with writing your birth intentions and exploring your options

  • the-present-doula-tree-yellow

    Practical support with light household tasks and preparing for baby.

These sessions are charged on an hourly rate of £25 (2 hours minimum per visit) with a one-off session priced at £70.


Birth Support

Which includes:

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    3-4 antenatal visits to get to know you and your family and provide information and resources to help you make decisions about the care you wish to receive and choices you’ll make, including helping with writing birth intentions

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    Being available to answer any questions or discuss any concerns throughout our journey together

  • the-present-doula-tree-yellow

    Being ‘on call’ 10 days before your due date until baby arrives

  • the-present-doula-tree-yellow

    Being at the birth for you and your partner providing emotional, practical and informational support

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    Staying with you until you are comfortable and settled

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    As a trained breastfeeding peer supporter, I can help with initiating breastfeeding if required

  • the-present-doula-tree-yellow

    2 postnatal visits, providing the chance to reflect on the birth, help with feeding or provide practical and informational support (amongst many other things!).

Spontaneous birth: £1000
Planned Caesarean birth: £650

Mother Blessings

While many celebrate a pregnancy with a 'baby shower', a Mother Blessing is a different but very poignant and beautiful tradition that honours the mother as she makes her journey into parenthood (whether or not it's for the first time!). Gathering her closest around her and holding her emotionally at such a sacred time is a powerful way of wishing her well and showering HER with love.

How you do this is totally up to you! You could go big and elaborate, or keep it intimate with a smaller circle of women.

Some ideas you might include:

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    Holding a circle, sharing what is so special about the mother-to-be, offering advice, anecdotes or readings

  • the-present-doula-tree-yellow

    Creating a 'mother' throne or crown

  • the-present-doula-tree-yellow


  • the-present-doula-tree-yellow


  • the-present-doula-tree-yellow

    Using a symbolic ritual/ceremony.

Anything goes! Contact me to create your bespoke Mother Blessing and let's make you feel as special and supported as you deserve.

Shared or 'Double Doula' Care with @celticdoulacornwall

I work closely with the lovely Rachel Coverson who works in a very similar way to myself.

When families opt in for 'shared care', we provide each other with 'back up' support in the unlikely event we are ill or unforeseen circumstances mean we can't attend your birth. Prior to the birth, we will ensure that you have met both of us at least once so that whoever is present is a familiar face and is aware of your hopes and intentions.

We also offer our clients the option of 'double doula care', where you get both of our support throughout your journey. If this is something you'd like to consider, please get in touch and we can discuss and create your bespoke package.

“If a woman doesn't look like a Goddess during labor, then someone isn't treating her right.”

— Ina May Gaskin


The day of Indigo’s birth was the first day of World Do Week, 22-28th March. It feels right to mention today, marking Indi’s first week, @thechildscaim and @thepresentdoula – the most beautiful, supportive doulas I was so fortunate to have throughout my perinatal journey.

It takes a special person to serve mothers and their families at such a vulnerable and lifechanging time in their lives and World Doula Week will always remind me of the beautiful support me and my family received during their care.

It was clear from our first meeting that these women mean what they say and are prepared to support in ways that they can. I felt heard, held and blissfully happy I had them. Merre and Rachel really are the right people for this work and having them present at the birth of Indigo is something I will never forget. For Indi, being born into a room of beautiful, powerful and loving women with the highest intentions (as well as epic daddy Adam!). For Adam to be heard, guided and supported.

For me, Indi’s birth with the love and support from the doulas was truly beautiful. Both Merre and Rachel are holistic doulas supporting the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of birth and motherhood and I couldn’t be more grateful to have had either support throughout.

This birth was so sensory for me and it was the only way labour had any rhythm that I could trust in. I will always remember how Rachel and Merre held me, guided me, massaged me, encouraged me, washed me, fed me and so much more. Rachel’s magical hands and Merre’s soothing voice is a blessing I had the opportunity to receive. Doulas are magic. Thank you for being a part of our story.

Lloren W

Baby girl born March 2023